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Amplify your mission & understand your Impact

It's time to unite all your fundraising, donor management, and campaign activities under one
robust, secure, and user-friendly platform. The Pillar Platform.

Fast-Track Your Fundraising

With our easy-to-use tools, your charity can hit the ground running. Say goodbye to fragmented solutions and accelerate your impact today.

Tailored Donor Journeys

Create tailored experiences for your supporters. With Pillar's advanced analytics, you'll be in the know about donor behaviour like never before.

Cost-Efficient Campaigns

Reduce operational costs while increasing donor contributions. Get more bang for your buck, and better yet, for your cause.

Transform Your ROI

Watch your donation value soar when you utilise Pillar's integrated cart and upsells. Achieve your mission faster with actionable insights.

Maximise your charity's impact with Pillar

At Pillar, we provide more than just a digital solution for your daily operational efficiencies;
we're also committed to nurturing your digital growth over the long term.

Pillar: Engineered for affordability and high efficiency

At Pillar we'll help you get the best out of digital fundraising.
Purposefully simple plans and design options to get you started

Essentials Plan

From £299


+ Design & CRM Setup Fee*

Ideal for charities with an income of under £250k /pa

  • Optimised website for donations
    A fully functional optimised WordPress Website
  • Single merchant service
    Take donations directly on your website
  • Reports & Analytics
    Basic reporting to get you started
  • Gift Aid & GDPR
    Claim your Gift Aid and stay compliant
  • 10,000 contact records
    Record your donor data for later engagement
  • Secure website & CRM hosting
    Taking user data seriously
  • Cloudflare
    Securing your site against attacks
Growth Plan

From £499


+ Design & CRM Setup Fee*

Ideal for charities with an income of under £1m /pa

  • Enhanced website options
    Take the opportunity to truly reflect your brand
  • Multi-merchant options
    Donation options through, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and more.
  • Live & Dynamic dashboards
    Live data at a click of a button
  • Mailchimp integration
    Stay engaged with your audiences, no more spreadsheets
  • 25,000 contact records
    As you grow, we grow with you.
  • Extended hosting & monitoring
    Scalable solutions to support your needs
  • Cloudlflare Pro Plan
    Enhanced layer of security for peace of mind


Bespoke & Tailored Solution

Income of £1m /pa or more, Pillar Enterprise is for you

  • Bespoke design services
    Stand out with our bespoke design implementation
  • Automated Gift Aid
    Hands off automated claims
  • Bespoke & Third-party integrations
    Integrate your current tools with our bespoke services
  • Extended enterprise modules
    Enterprise specific Pillar modules, extending your reach.
  • Unlimited Contacts
    Maximise your engagement with unlimited contacts
  • Enterprise grade infrastructure
    Maximum security and support
  • Increased API interactions
    Enhanced API interactions for efficient connectivity.

Discover the full range of impressive features our platform offers by visiting the link below.
Explore our options to choose the ideal monthly plan and setup fee that aligns with your growth journey. All prices excl. VAT.

Recognise These Challenges? See How Pillar Can Help.

We can't take monthly donations on our website

Pillar enables donors to make single, monthly, or annual donations through a combined checkout process.

We're not able to update our own website

With our WordPress powered CMS website, you're in control of your appeals and content.

Hours wasted on generating reports from spreadsheets

With Pillar data suite, you can view & export information you need instantly

We want to fundraise on our own website

Pillar's crowdfunding and fundraising modules, you can direct donors to your own website for fundraising, plus Zero fees!

Our site looks terrible on mobile devices

With a fully responsive or dedicated mobile experiences, Pillar allows you to maximise on your donations

We've always struggled with our site going down at peak periods.

Our security and hosting services make sure you are always online and secure.

We have no website support, our volunteer has no time anymore.

We are a fully fledged agency, rest assured we will be here when you need us.

We don't know who our VIP donors are

Our reporting provides you insights on who you key supporters are.

Pillar Enterprise – Designed for Large-Scale Impact

Providing custom website design, a dedicated mobile platform,
advanced analytics, and robust security. Effortlessly scale your operations with confidence.


Pillar adapts easily as your charity grows, maintaining seamless operations during its development.


Unique website designs and personalised donor interactions, that truly reflects your charity's identity.

Flexible Integration

Integrating with your existing tools and software, offering flexibility with your current operations

Automated Processes

Streamline operations with automated recurring donations and comms, focusing your efforts on the mission.

Our platform brings key benefits to...

Our platform in action