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Collaborative Synergy

Build and launch campaigns effectively with features designed for team collaboration.

Scalable & Reliable

Grow your charity without a hitch. Our infrastructure is built to scale as you do.

Dedicated Support

Our team is just a click away, offering in-depth support whenever you need it.

Security & Compliance

Rest easy with Pillar’s robust security measures and automated Gift Aid collection.


Average donation value

“Since we started using Pillar, our engagement with donors has become more meaningful and effective. Alhamdulillah, we've seen a noticeable increase in donations, which has been a blessing for our community projects”

Zohaib Hussain

Chairman of Greengate Trust, UK

Answering common
platform questions

Explore our FAQ’s to discover how Pillar can revolutionise your charity's fundraising, donor management, and overall impact.

Pillar sets itself apart with its unique blend of customisable features, a fully fledged website, integrated CRM, and user-friendly design, all tailored specifically for charity needs.

Pillar ensures GDPR compliance for your charity by storing donor options and allowing for adjustment or removal when the need arises.

Yes, Pillar can seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing tools, enhancing your overall strategy and workflow efficiency as well as saving you money.

Coordinating fundraising campaigns across multiple channels can be challenging, leading to inconsistent messaging and difficulty in tracking campaign performance

Our unified system enables coordinated campaign management, ensuring consistent messaging across the website and other communication channels, and provides tools for tracking and analysing campaign success.

Pillar provides comprehensive support and training for new users, including detailed tutorials, responsive customer service, and hands-on guidance to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Nope, not us. Pillar has a simple monthly platform fee, no matter how generous your donors are, especially in peak periods.

Pillar's CRM enables straightforward and secure data export, ensuring efficient retrieval and transfer of information while maintaining data integrity and security.

Pillar typically requires a minimum commitment of 24 months, providing stability and continuity for charities, while still offering flexibility in contract terms beyond this period.