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Release date: 21 February 2024

Navigation Updates


Streamlined Navigation & Menu Grouping

A global update across all Pillar deployments to simplify navigating your Pillar interface.

Release Notes

We're excited to announce the first of many updates to the Pillar Platform, coming your way from the 26th February 2024!

Designed to enrich your experience, these updates are a direct response to your feedback. We've refined the navigation and updated CRM labels to make your workflow smoother and boost your operational efficiency.

On this page, you'll find an overview of the changes we've made. Expect to see more intuitive section names and trimmed down sections, to make finding information easier and consistent. Each improvement has been carefully designed to better support the work of your charity or non-profit organisation.

Take a moment to explore the key updates below, and get ready to discover all the details of what we've been working on for you.

Pillar Platform Update Summary, Feb 2024.


What's New?

Our users have mentioned that there are too many links in the navigation, and multiple ways of getting to the same pages. One of the key areas our users were reporting was the ‘Add New’ buttons. So we have refined the way you add new entries.

The ‘Add New’ button is now seamlessly integrated into the top right-hand side of the ‘Manage’ links on the left hand side. This change is part of our commitment to making Pillar CRM as intuitive and efficient as possible.

Why This Matters:

  • Centralised Access: All ‘Add’ functions are now positioned in the same place for ease of training and consistency.
  • Simplified Navigation: Enjoy a cleaner interface with intuitive placement for essential functions.

Other Navigational changes

  • "Dashboard" now "Home"
  • "Leads" to "Manage Contacts"
  • "Partner Portals" to "Manage Partners"
  • "Causes" to "Manage Appeals"
  • "Types" to "Manage Funds"
  • "Promotions" to "Manage Upsells"
  • "Campaigns" to "Live Dashboards"
  • "Gift Aid Claim" to "Gift Aid"
  • New "Reports" feature


1. Income Management

Pillar Platform's updated Income Management section consolidates all donation-related features, streamlining your fundraising efforts in one intuitive space.

Old Label New CRM Label Description
Leads Manage Contacts Manage your donor and partner information here
Partner Portal Manage Partners Moved from the feedback module. Partners allows you to manage ongoing partnerships
Statements Payments Streamlined section for payment management
Offline Payments Payment Terminal Accept offline donations and pledges

2. Campaign Management

Pillar Platform's revamped Campaign Management section consolidates everything you need to launch, manage, and track your campaigns in one centralised hub

Old Label New CRM Label Description
Causes Manage Appeals Create and edit appeals, now on same page
Types Manage Funds Categorise donations into Fund types
Promotions Manage Upsells Encourage further giving

3. Reports & Insights

Our Reports & Insights section sheds light on your efforts with powerful visualisation tools. Get instant clarity on donor information, campaign performance, and more.

Old Label New CRM Label Description
Campaigns Live Dashboards Real-time campaign performance visualisation
- Reports New feature for donor and appeal data visualisation
Gift Aid Claim Gift Aid Manage Gift Aid claims
Qurbani Qurbani Dashboard Dedicated section for Qurbani-related data

4. Sponsorships & Feedback

Build strong partnerships, track fundraising success, and gather invaluable feedback. Explore sponsorships, fundraiser data, and feedback management here.

CRM Label Description
Sponsorships Manage sponsorships
Fundraisers View fundraiser data
Feedback Management Manage partner feedback

5. Admin

Centralised control and enhanced organisation. Manage users, roles, schedules, settings, and streamline platform operations with the user-friendly Admin section.

Old Label New CRM Label Description
Donation Reasons Donation Reasons Moved here for easier access
Categories Appeal Groups Moved here for better organisation
Payments Payment Types Moved here for better organisation
Sponsorship Types Sponsorship Types Moved here for better organisation