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Transforming Rise Support's Website: Maximizing Donations and Impact

  • 30% Increase In User Engagement
  • 25% Increase In User Engagement

“Thanks to Pillar, our website is now a powerful tool for collecting donations and engaging our supporters. The changes have streamlined the process, making it easier for our donors to make an impact.”

Sarah Ali

CFO, RiseSupport

Rise Support faced the challenge of a dated website design that hindered donation collection and a disjointed user experience that limited their outreach.

Moreover, accessibility concerns meant the website was not fully optimised for users with disabilities. The absence of data tracking and analytics hindered Rise Support's ability to understand user behaviour and preferences, making informed digital strategies nearly

The requirements:

  • Rise Support's website design no longer resonated with donors or effectively communicated their mission.
  • Complex navigation and a lack of quick donation options deterred potential supporters.
  • The charity struggled to collect meaningful data to inform their digital strategies. The lack of data tracking and analytics hindered their ability to understand user behavior and preferences.

Integration with Pillar CMS

Integrating with our 'Pillar' CMS brought remarkable changes. Rise Support witnessed a 40% increase in online donations, proving the efficacy of the revamped design and streamlined donation process. The 'Quick Donate' feature reduced friction and encouraged spontaneous contributions, while the 'Zakat Calculator' simplified the process for Muslim donors.

The CMS empowered Rise Support to easily update content and share real-time impact stories, driving increased engagement. Together, these improvements have fortified Rise Support's digital presence, enabling them to make an even greater difference in the lives they touch.

Social Emphasis

Our 'Social Emphasis' feature keeps you connected and engaged. It gracefully follows you from the header to the bottom of the page, making it simple to share our cause, stories, and impact on your social networks. Join us in spreading the word and multiplying the reach of our mission with a single click."

Mini Appeal Cards

In our 'Quick Mini Appeal' section, you can make an immediate impact with just a click. These bite-sized cards represent critical causes, from feeding hungry children to sheltering families in crisis. Choose a cause, click, and be the change you want to see